tisdag 22 juli 2014

Please read. It might interest or concern you

This post will be written in English and English only. Why? Well over the years on Facebook I've made friends from all over the world so to make things easier for those interested this entry will be written in English.

Some people might call me a cry baby for writing this, and they may be right, I don't know, I'm not the one who decides that but I need to get some things of my chest. Things that have bothered me to the point that I've hardly slept this night and now I have to let off some steam.

But first things first. Those of you who know me know that I have opinions on almost everything, be it music, sports, politics or something else. My opinions mean a lot to me and I also try to back them up with facts as good as I can if necessary. Discussing things, mainly politics is in my blood. My dad is Greek and Greeks like to discuss politics, my ancestors did it hundreds of years b.C. You, the reader also have opinions and sometimes our opinions aren't the same as mine but you're entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to mine and then we usually argue a little bit but in the end we agree to disagree and the next day we talk or write to each other again. I also believe in having an opinion because if you don't question what other people say or do then there is only one side to the story and that side might not be completely true or even a lie so I question most stuff, which of course upsets some people. More people must learn to question things and not to forget, question authority. As we all know opinions are like ass holes, everybody's got one and everybody's entitled to one as long as they aren't being racist or in any other way breaking the law.
I also know that if you stick your head out you must be prepared to take a punch or two. But ask yourself this: Is your opinion worth more than mine and who says you're right besides yourself?

Lately my opinions on things have been questioned quite hard, but it's still my opinions and I still believe in them. However, the people questioning my opinions have shown me a new side, hatred.  Pure, uncontrolled hatred. For instance: As we all, hopefully, know there is a conflict going on in Israel and The Gaza Strip. I personally support the Israelis right to defend themselves and I don't consider Hamas a military force in the real sense of the word, not compared with the IDF, the US Army or even the Swedish Army, to me they're a resistance or terror group. My profile picture at the moment is a picture of an Israeli and a Swedish flag to show my support.
Anyhow I ended up in a discussion as to wether it was right or wrong to fight in Gaza a couple of weeks ago, before the ground invasion. As a supporter of the IDF I was told that I supported child murderers. My answer to that was that at least the Israelis don't hide weapons in mosques and schools and force people to function as human shields on rooftops but to no avail, I was still supporting child murderers.  Anyhow, things started to get ugly and at the end of the discussion I was called a racist who should get a pair of scissors and cut of my testicles so that I wouldn't spread my evil genes. Instead of taking the high road as I should have I used some bad words too about the other person. An hour or so later the partner of the one I had been discussing with caught my attention on Facebook Messenger. I got asked wether I had written the things I had written and I said 'yes' as I always stand by my word. For the second time I was asked to get a pair of scissors and perform 'surgery' on myself as I was a name calling child murdering supporter. I was also called white, fat and unemployed. I gave up and blocked both persons.

Now, yesterday evening, being 21 July 2014, I got a slight shock. I had answered a question in a forum in an ironic way, I got seven likes but that's besides the point. What shocked me was the reply I had got to my post from as it turned out a far left politics supporter. The person had written: 'You're Greek, racist, and a zionist. What a comical mix. I suppose you're retarded too or else there are no explanations to your stupid opinions.!!!!'. The funny thing, if there is such thing as a funny thing in this whole mess, is that the subject discussed had nothing to do with Greece, race, zionism, Israel or Gaza, the discussion was about the Swedish Royal Court. If you're going to critizise me please keep to the subject or else you might just be doing something illegal or you're just wasting my time. All in all the whole thing sickened me. I have, of course, reported the post.

And now to what's been keeping me awake all night, apart from being called a Greek, racist, zionist. I asked myself some questions:
Should I stay on Facebook at all?
Should I stay on Facebook and try not to engage in any discussions, which probably will be as hard as getting a meth addict to quit crystal meth.
Should I get a new account and start all over again? A new me, only playing games and posting and reposting pictures of kittens and stuff?
Should I stay on the account I'm using now and just 'lurk in the dark'? Say 'hi' to people every now and then and like their statuses or should I pretend that nothing has happened and carry on more or less the way I've done so far which of course is taking the hard road? 'Cause oddly enough, as I wrote before, sometimes I disagree with people to the point were I feel that if we had been in the same room we would probably have ended up beating each other but in the end all things turn out more or less good. But there is always those one or two persons that turn things upside down and grind my gears. I have lost some 'friends' over the years but I know that those that still stick with me despite our differences are my true friends.
Some people has also expressed that I should keep a low profile because of my unemployment and say that it might be harder for me to get a job if my job application shows up somewhere and someone sees it and says 'you shouldn't hire him, he's a white, fat, greek zionist racist'. And maybe those that say that I should keep a low profile are right but I also believe in the freedom of speech and that's in our constituion and no one can take that away from me.    

I guess that's it for now. A stone has fallen from my chest, maybe not all the way down and out of my mind and body but I feel a bit better now. I'm not asking for your pity or sympathy I just really needed to get this off my chest. Some might even say that I have brought all this on myself, maybe they're right. I don't know.

Thanks for reading!

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